Philippe is a London-based independent coach and facilitator, who works with executives and entrepreneurs across all industries, including the international financial markets in which he spent more than 25 years. He is based in London, and lovingly bicultural (English and French).

He comes to the conversation as a jester, an enabler, a provocateur of sorts, a convention agitator, an agent of change and transformation. His aim is to encourage his client to take a broader perspective of their life long pursuit. To reconnect with that indomitable gift which lies, often hidden, deep inside ourselves, which makes us uniquely adept for that undertaking we aspire to. To notice the repeating patterns that shine through our instinctive actions. And to give full expression to our own unique, incurable and indomitable self.

Coaching is primarily about raising self-awareness, because, in the words of Carl Rogers, "the curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change." It is only when you reach a certain level of self-awareness about yourself that true leadership becomes possible, when you start to lead from who you are, rather than who you think you are or would like to be. It is when you "let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love", as Rumi would put it, that you start to experience the transformative nature of selfless leadership.


Abbreviated Background

After reading international law at university in Paris, Philippe pursued a career as an international investment banker for 25 years, where he assumed various senior management and board level positions. First as Managing Director of capital markets at Continental Illinois, then head of New Issues at UBS, finally as Global Head of Fixed Income at BNP.

Upon leaving the city in the mid 1990s, Philippe eventually decided to get a formal training in coaching, through ICF accredited organisations. He first became a qualified Master NLP Practitioner then Coach. He subsequently trained in a variety of other coaching techniques, such as Systemic Coaching, Transactional Analysis, Clean Language and other behavioural approaches. Today his emphasis has very much come to rest on adopting a systemic approach to coaching, making ample room for emerging solutions to surface within his client's very own context. Coaching, to his mind, has only one objective: it is for the client to find, in his own inimitable way, his own dynamics and solutions for a new way forward. The coach's role being to accompany and encourage the process, by challenging and supporting his client to make that leap forward.

Philippe's broad experience of markets, of corporate environment and of coaching and facilitation, married with his ability to work across cultures, have given him an aptitude for working with leaders, entrepreneurs and independent professionals across a broad range of industries. His aim is to enable his clients to gain a broader perspective of what really matters to them within the context of their life long ambition and pursuits. His natural aptitude to listen, coupled with a real curiosity about human ingenuity, make him an interlocutor of choice for who is looking to make that next bold step into self-realisation.

Philippe is a member of the International Coaching Federation and the Institute of Directors. He holds an Advanced diploma in Executive Coaching, is an accredited Facilitator in Systemic Coaching and Constellations, a licensed practitioner in Insights Discovery and Deeper Discovery psychometric profiling, and a certified practitioner in the Hogan Assessment Systems. He also has an LLP in International and Public Law from the University in Paris, and is an undergrad of French Modern Literature.


"The overall coaching experience was very positive and constructive, though not always comfortable, due to the self-searching and candour that were quite understandably required. I felt we established a rapport right from the outset, and I was willing to put my trust in Philippe really without qualification. He was also unfailingly respectful of my privacy and sensitivity, and of matters shared in confidence. This changed my outlook in quite a radical way."

"The coaching relationship made a big difference to how I think of my role in the firm. Over the months I gradually learned how to move away from the tyranny of the coal face to become what Philippe called a hands-in-pocket motivational leader. It's about letting go and that is hard as hell. It changed my outlook. Philippe's experience, his calm demeanour and complete integrity were critical in all this. He has inspired me to dare to change."

"Philippe's facilitation as a leadership coach is outstanding. He is a consummate professional dedicated to enhancing client capabilities and skills. He is paramount in dedication and integrity."