As the 13th century poet Rumi once wrote: "Beyond any idea of right doing or wrong doing, there is a field. I will meet you there."

Leaders appreciate the significance of a field where judgement is suspended, where one can drop the 'game face', let go of pretence. A place where we can be transparent with ourself, look with an open mind to what really matters to us at the present time. A place to hold that courageous conversation we keep meaning to have but somehow never seem to find the time to hold.

What kind of conversation I hear you asking ?

    Conversations touch on such issues as ...

  • Taking a broader perspective about our present position, to build the resolve to lead that larger role we aspire to
  • Looking at what is holding us back from moving towards a new threshold in our professional life
  • Learning how to become more collaborative and maybe less authoritarian with our stakeholders
  • Tackling the issue of how to strike a better work/life balance, to get ourself back on track, to regain a new found sense of fulfilment in our undertakings
  • Learning how, as a leader, to inspire people to move towards a future of new found growth and away from a present turning in circles
  • and other related matters that keep weighing on us as executive leaders

Why courageous?

The truth of the matter is that such conversations are seldom held just with ourselves. To make things happen, thoughts and feelings need to be expressed out loud, to be articulated with someone else. Then, and only then, will we reach a point of resolution, of full commitment. In the inimitable words of Goethe, it is "at the moment of commitment, (that) the entire universe conspires to assist you".

Just speaking to the metaphorical wall won't cut it. Expressing ourself out loud becomes a courageous conversation because we seek to convince the listeners of the merits of our intentions or views. Listeners - in the plural? Yes, at the beginning the other person in the room and, of course, ourselves. By articulating explicitly what has till now remained implicit, we are squaring up to the action that has to ensue to make it all happen. To enact that real tangible change we aspire to.

A coach is someone who has experience in such matters. Someone with no stake in the company. Someone who also knows only too well how difficult it can be to take that first step into the unknown. Someone willing to listen, react, confront and accompany you while you achieve that breakthrough you now want to make happen.

The more we unpack our thoughts, the more likely we will bring matters forth. It is through expression that we create a possibility that becomes expansive. We create a new momentum, we enable "what is" to start restructuring itself into "what needs to be". The real courage is in projecting ourself outwardly, because that is what will drive us to action.

Seize the day

So Carpe Diem, meaning "seize the day", by making the most of the present whilst giving little thought to the future. Initiate that conversation you have been meaning to have for so long and are tired of postponing any further. A conversation with someone who is beyond wanting to prove anything to anyone, who can immerse himself in your context, and whose sole objective is to assist you in finding your own inimitable way forward. By providing you with a trusting space, in which you can start to hold yourself accountable for the change(s) you want to make happen.

"Philippe's coaching encouraged me to raise my game and set the stage for becoming the new CEO of the bank. We did this by coming up with strong and clear guidelines. The effectiveness of our sessions was made possible by the unlimited trust I have in Philippe, who never sought to mentor me, only to help me look for the optimal way that would lead me to follow a path of my own making."

"A humorous man with a mischevious streak."

"Philippe enabled me to put things in perspective. I learned more about myself than anything I had been told in my reviews over the last 25 years did. Not only did I gain more self confidence, I have been able to use the knowledge gained in coaching to lead my team to new levels of achievement and success."